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Our SJTI Alumni recommend the following websites as excellent resources for you and your social justice work:

White Privilege Conference -

Safe Zone For All -

Human Rights Campaign -

Alliance For Full Acceptance -

Day of Silence Project -

We Are Family -

Geotech's Mirror -

Becoming an Ally -

Anti-Defamation League -

Straight But Not Narrow -

Scouting For All -

Unitarian Universalist Association -

Gay-Straight Alliance Network -

The GLBT Resource Page -

Consortium of Higher Education Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Professionals -

Progressive Resources Catalog -

Public Allies -

League At NCR -

Campus PrideNet -

All One Heart -

One -

Gender Education Center -

Alliance for Tolerance and Freedom -

Diversity Inc. -

DiversityWeb -

The Racism Free Zone Concept -

HalfthePlanet -

Office of Human Relations, Diversity Resources -

Multicultural Pavilion -

Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement - -

Diversity Web sources in higher education -


Students And Teachers Against Racism -

American Indian Movement -

The Case of Leonard Peltier -

Syracuse Cultural Workers -

The Family Flag Project -

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